Fast Power Leveling in World of Warcraft – It Can Be Frustrating

Leveling fast in World of Warcraft is for some players complicated by the amount of time they have to play the game. It can be frustrating to see other players advance while your ‘toon remains at a beginning level. Much of the ability to level quickly depends on experience playing the game, and having countless hours to spend in front of the screen. Power leveling is approaching the game with a specific strategy that allows for gaining the most points in the shortest amount of time.

Moving Faster and Smarter

Rather than grinding, or simply going from one guest to another with no real plan of action, the power level will take quests in the order that will take the least amount of time, and will ensure the most points and loot. Also important in power leveling is developing a profession, selecting the right time to go on a raid, fighting in battlegrounds and going into dungeons. Selecting at what point to accomplish these aims offers a better chance of leveling quickly without having to repeat the same action constantly.

Another key point to remember when power leveling is in gaining the skills to get not only experience points to level, but also enough gold to have what you character needs. Being able to fly at 60, and to continuously progress the character with mounts, weapons, clothing, and other essentials all depend on having sufficient gold.

Developing the Plan

What’s frustrating for many players is developing this strategy. In the early days of way many players spent as much time developing the best methods of progressing a character as they did in playing. This leaves the newer player with several choices in developing leveling methods. They can play alone developing their own methodology, ask other more experienced players for help, or select trusted guides to aid them in developing a better plan to level fast.

Practical Leveling Tips for Beginners

A number of common mistakes new players can cost them later is having trouble in trying to not only power level, but also in completely enjoying the game. The time to develop a strategy is before even creating the character and this plan can progress along with the character through each step of playing World of Warcraft.

Starting with the Right Character

One of the first mistakes a newbie or noob makes in starting out is selecting a character that eventually they will come to regret having chosen. The character should be one the gamer really enjoys playing, and that’s easy for the individual to maneuver and utilize within the game. The selections are druid, mage, hunter, priest, paladin, warlock, warrior, and shaman. Also available are death knights, which have special abilities. Many entering the WoW universe for the first time believe that naturally the warrior is the best choice, but this isn’t always the case.

Warrior class is will always need heavy weapons, and this is a character expected to fight on the front lines. Often the “tank” of the group of players this character will be the one charging in where angels fear to tread. Built for battle the warrior will protect those around them. If constant dreary fighting isn’t appealing for the gamer through this will grow old rapidly. The warrior is also known to be among the slowest moving options, and this can prove frustrating.

The druid like the mage can fill multiple roles in a group, but of course this makes it a more complex character to use. The druid can only wear leather armor and wields a stave or similar weapons. In a fight or battle this is a toon the player will need to use with stealth, and smarts. This alternative like the mage does have plenty of surprises, but is easily killed especially for new players.

The paladin is a choice many gamers progress to since it allows for several different types of play. It’s possible to be a tank, a healer, and use special weapons with this character, but this does make it a more complex alternative.

Start Out By Learning the Character

For those who want to level fast the first step is to know and understand the toon’s core abilities. These can be found in the Spell Book Tab. The main class abilities are also listed here. Players can find some basic advice in these tabs, but sadly many people never take the time to look here and struggle along simply learning how to use only a few abilities while ignoring others.

Learning New Skills

A well-rounded character will level faster so spending time developing skills is also crucial to having a toon that will level faster. Spending time fishing off the banks can seem boring, but having skills like this will come in handy later.

Watch for changes in abilities as the character levels. It’s easy to miss something new like a Divine Shield or Fist of Justice, or not have a complete understanding it. Taking a few seconds after reaching a new level to take stock can make reaching the next level simpler by just using all the abilities possible.

Looking for PVP gear or boost gear is clearly the most important option to always look for when playing any character. This gear will grow with the ‘toon as the level progress so having to buy new gear is less costly.

Lastly, the best advice for the new gamer is to be polite to every other player. There’s no telling when a gamer might need to depend on turning to others for help. Not making enemies is the smartest move a new player can make.

Leveling the Character

Not all characters will level in the same way. For instance some of the quests for the Paladin will be slightly different than those for the Warrior. Because some talents, abilities and skills are different for each type and class of toon it’s necessary to develop slightly different level plans for each one. It can be better for example, to do more questing with one type of character, while another will more time spent in battle in order to get experience points fast.

Understanding Zones

One way to level quickly after level 19 is to pay attention to the various zones. For example, by level 20 it’s possible to start looking for quests in Ashenvale, Duskwood, and Hillsbrad. It’s not necessary to wait until a quest takes the toon to a zone it’s possible travel there at anytime if there’s something the character needs to do in leveling faster. Understanding which quest will direct you to which location can help in deciding when and where to travel for the fastest leveling course. Venturing into zone that requires a higher level then the toon possess however, will usually result in having to make a quick exit back out.

Year ago when World of Warcraft was a fairly new game no player had a choice, but to slog along trying to learn as much about the game as possible. It took a long time to level, and some gamers gave up when reaching a level 60 or 90 seemed out of reach after many hours of play. Now, all top players use In-Game Addons.

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