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Ramin Djawadi’s Game of Thrones main title theme is numerous effects grand, flourishing, and among the most iconic TV scores of all time. noway in my life would I’ve described it as” disappointing” until I heard it used in the opening credits of House of the Dragon.

The song itself still proves to be the ultimate hype man for an hour of fantasy television virtuousness. But recovering it for the Game of Thrones prequel reads as a calculated nostalgia snare for suckers of the original show. Worse, it suggests that the creative platoon behind House of the Dragon is n’t relatively ready to let this new series stand by itself.

With a new opening sequence and theme song, House of the Dragon could have asserted its own identity as a series. It gets half there The family tree illustrations of the main credits emphasize House of the Dragon’s focus on the Targaryens and their history. Yet the music as good as it’s is each too familiar. By dupe- pasting the Game of Thrones theme into this new opening, House of the Dragon jolts you out of any kind of immersive spell it may have cast. The Game of Thrones theme is so inextricably linked to its original characters and events that its presence in this derivation creates a cognitive conflict. Are you watching Game of Thrones, or are you watching House of the Dragon?

It’s not as if there were no other options for a House of the Dragon title song. Djawadi composed several Targaryen-specific pieces of music for Game of Thrones. suppose” Reign” and” Dracarys” soaring themes that, if modified slightly for the show, could have served as the perfect preface to the Targaryens ’ grand family drama. House of the Dragon still interpolates pieces from these themes and indeed the main one throughout the show, which nicely creates a sonic thickness between the two Westeros- set series. still, having two different, although reciprocal, themes would have helped each series hold their own.

My worries about the play of the Game of Thrones theme extend past the music to the future of House of the Dragon and the coming Game of Thrones derivatives. It’s only natural that the shows be in discussion with each other but should they all feel the same as well?

Thanks to its centering of the Targaryens and their family drama, House of the Dragon formerly seems like its own show. Yet moments similar as the reference to Aegon’s” Song of Ice and Fire” in the airman give the print that House of the Dragon is still trying too hard to connect to what came ahead. Will Game of Thrones derivatives fall into the same trap, counting on cheap nostalgia points by reusing Djawadi’s original theme until we are sick of it? Or will they trust their cult and take pitfalls — indeed when it comes to the opening?

still, as the several spin- offs in development would suggest, it’s likely that Westeros fatigue will set in sooner rather than latterly, If the Game of Thrones world becomes another Marvel- style cinematic macrocosm.( Heck, Game of Thrones fatigue has been around indeed throughout the show’s original run.)

While I can not ever see myself growing sick of Djawadi’s original theme, I can see myself getting ready to do the unbelievable and hit the” skip intro” button if I’ve to hear the song before every Game of Thrones derivation. And that just might be House of the Dragon’s most disturbing development yet.

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