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Right now, enough much the total of online Malaysia is royally pissed at everything that occurred during the first day of the Good Vibes Festival( GVF) 2023.

For those living under a gemstone, the first day ended in the most farcical way after Matty Healy — frontman of British pop- gemstone group The 1975 — openly abused the Malaysian government for itsanti-LGBTQ station before kissing the band’s manly bassist on the mouth, breaking a standing performance law in the process and getting the band pithily banned from the country.

Shortly later, it was blazoned by the Malaysian government that the coming two days of the jubilee were effectively canceled.

While we will not go into full detail right now, you can go ahead and read up on the full sequence of events and the performing fate then.

Beyond the immediate failure and outrage, still, it was clear that despite Healy’s putative desire to speak up for the denuclearized LGBTQ community in Malaysia, there was further detriment done than good — and that for a good number of groups as well.

1. The Malaysian LGBTQ community.
Without a mistrustfulness, the biggest disasters of the debacle were the individualities that Matty Healy had tried to directly” speak out” for — the factual members of the country’s LGBTQ community themselves.

In a tweet, Malaysian drag queen Carmen Rose posted a grain of an interview she had with BBC, in which she refocused out that Healy was free and suitable to escape Malaysia without consequences for his conduct, whilst factual bedeviled members of the LGBTQ community did not have such a honor.

And considering the hostile climate towards LGBTQ and the tricky legal outfit that allows for easy persecution of similar individualities in Malaysia, Healy’s acidulous on- stage soliloquy has only served to increase scrutiny towards the community and simply make life more delicate for all involved.

still, what Matty Healy and The 1975 have done, is reduction and disintegrated times of work by original activists who have been pushing for change and understanding,” If anything.

2. The remaining players at Good Vibes( especially original artistes).
Another veritably egregious group of victims include the other artistes that were listed to perform at this time’s Good Vibes, especially original bents.

While the cancelation of the rest of the event by government was met with outrage, numerous ultimately realized the sound sense behind the move — Healy’s speech had created disquiet amongst the suckers, and security at the event for the rest of the weekend had been compromised as a result.

While this needed the shut down of the remainder of GVF 2023, the rest of the players slated to have their time in the limelight were basically burgled of a chance to promote themselves to a larger followership.

One pantomime named Talitha Tan, in particular, was deprived the occasion to devote a set to her late mama who passed in a woeful accident just weeks agone
, and she ventured to make known her passions about the matter in direct dispatches transferred to Healy and the band on Instagram.

3. The merchandisers at the jubilee.
With GVF representing an occasion to boost earnings for a brief period, numerous food merchandisers crowded to the event eager to serve swarms of empty and thirsty attendees.

also only to discover that the exact contrary would be true in the end.

After the advertisement of the cancelation, several beaneries and pop- up food merchandisers vented their exasperation on social media, soliciting the government to review its decision, or at least give a way for merchandisers to recoup their losses made through unsold food stocks and other overhead charges( outfit, settlements, staff hires, etc).

4. The organizers of the jubilee.
With another major Malaysian music event suffering poor hype( in remembrance of the now-defunct Future Music Festival Asia), important scrutiny has ago been placed on the organizers of GVF 2023 — Future Sound Asia.

While numerous might originally be tempted to condemn the company for the Friday- night SNAFU, it has ago been revealed that the organizers had formerly secured pledges from The 1975 and its operation that the band would cleave to all rules and guidelines set for players throughout the event. This included abstain from kissing on stage.

It does not come as a surprise that the company now faces a massive uphill struggle to repay artistes, attendees, and merchandisers, all while navigating other counteraccusations ( legal, character, government) as a result of a massive event like GVF 2023 being canceled because of the booze- fueled ramblings of one man.

5. The suckers who paid out- of- fund to be there.
Let’s also not forget the people that the jubilee was held for.

With some enough high- profile acts slated to make appearances during GVF 2023, it came as no surprise that numerous attendees had offered their plutocrat, time, and other important plans to eventually see acts like The Strokes, The sprat LAROI, Hujan, as well as several up- and- coming original players live and in- the- meat.

For attendees from outside of Malaysia, especially, the cancelation of the jubilee will really leave a bad taste in their mouths, and alienate the overall image of Malaysia as a destination for musicales and carnivals in the future.

6. The Malaysian tourism assiduity.
The former point leads to this one, where the whole situation has now put Malaysia in the global limelight, and for all the wrong reasons( commodity of a chronicity in recent times).

originally, there is been important ado recently about Malaysia’s magnet factor for transnational artistes compared to bordering countries Let’s not forget how both Coldplay and Taylor Swift have listed six- day stops in Singapore in 2024 while Malaysia will have to be happy with only a single night of Coldplay and absolutely no TayTay.

Secondly, the GVF 2023 incident has now painted unborn events as a possible crapshoot where transnational players are involved, especially with officers having blazoned stricter conditions for foreign artistes from now on.

With The 1975 having stirred the hornet’s nest and involving the government in an event that should have been apolitical to start with, it wouldn’t shock anyone if transnational players might feel cautious of choosing Malaysia as a stop on their global tenures.

In a nutshell Why risk a problematic show in a country with laws you might run afoul of when its less-problematic neighbor is right there?

7. The government of the day.
Of course, we also can not blink that the trick and its consequences have also impacted the government of the day.

Ever since its palm in the 2022 General choices, the concinnity government led by Anwar Ibrahim alongside once political rivals from Barisan Nasional has been met with continuous review and adverse politicking from further conservative members of the opposition Perikatan Nasional( PN) coalition, with hits coming in from every political angle imaginable.

fastening explosively on Islamic law, and hence promoting a near- zero- forbearance station towards LGBTQ, the PN party now has indeed more ammo to use against the current government in its campaigning for the forthcoming state- position choices( six countries) to take place in August.

Case in point, opposition leader Hamzah Zainuddin on July 24, 2023 intimately queried the failure of the government to arrest the members of The 1975 and varied it with the recent arrest of another opposition leader who’d been taken in for affronting the Sultan of Selangor.

No matter which way you swing politically, you just can not argue that the government — formerly caught between a gemstone and a hard place now finds itself having to defend itself against further negative press.

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