The Unique Characteristics Of Anime That Make Them Popular – (Rimagos)

Animes have grown to become an important part of the Japanese culture and around the whole world.

People are consuming them more and more with each passing day. The producers are constantly working to make Japanese anime reach a wider audience, and for the same reason, they are also trying to work on the technical front and make the visuals more refined using animations on computers. Earlier, the production of any Japanese anime was very much an experimental process. But with the increasing popularity, the producers are more careful about the production process. They are giving a lot of effort in producing as they are also concerned about reaching a large audience and their reaction. Because at the end of the day, the success depends on mass consumption.

Lot of effort goes in making animes

The producers of anime often use real locations as the set. They often spent a huge amount of money to travel abroad and shoot. This confirms the authenticity of the Japanese animes, and people feel more connected to them. They do not feel a disassociation, unlike earlier times when artificial sets were created with the help of technology. The producers are even spending money on innovative technical tools, computers, high effect cameras, etc., to make their anime look the best in visual and audio. The dynamic use of the camera for zooming in and zooming out, panning, etc., are also newly included to the dimension of one piece anime. The dubbing processes are also taken care of to ensure no lip-sync errors in the original Japanese version of the animes. A 3D effect is also created with the help of high-level technical tools.

Characters in animes

Even though there are types of characters shown in animes, the producers must be careful so that one character of the same anime does not resemble the other character. Otherwise, this will be portrayed as a huge flaw in the anime by the critics. So to not fall into this trap, the producers of anime often check carefully while outlining the traits of a particular character. They have to make the characters in an anime as relatable as possible. The character has to portray several human emotions: sadness, happiness, anger, jealousy, etc. It has to be sketched so that a human being while watching, could relate to every emotion and hence would grow a liking towards one or more characters of an anime. This means that a person liked that anime and would recommend it to others. This would, in turn, ensure the popularity and success of a particular anime. It would also increase the reach of the anime.

Role of music

Music plays a big part in the success of an anime. Setting the background music according to the theme of an anime is so important. The music often matches the mood of a character and the wide range of emotions that they portray. Sometimes, they often include traditional folklores. This also ensures that the Japanese culture is being spread throughout the world through the animes like one piece bounty rush.

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