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Choosing the right platform can be pivotal to begin watching Chinese series.

Given the immense fashionability of Chinese series across the world, transnational streaming platforms now stream series. still, the choices they offer might be limited in terms of the number of series and options for mottoes . thus, observers must choose the right platform to enjoy the experience brought by series.

Television Channels

Youku, the television channel the leading Internet videotape company in China, broadcasts the rearmost dramatizations and series, including those vented in China lately. It also offers mini TV series, some of which have entered appreciation from the observers. Youku is available as a website on Android, iOS, and Windows TV.

Baidu TV Series Channel- a attachment of Baidu is another popular choice. It broadcasts the rearmost series, television plays, Chinese pictures, and cartoons and can bring the most over- to- date content owing to the fiscal strength of Baidu. Baidu TV Series Channel is available on iOS, iPad, Android, and Android Pad and can be downloaded for television.

Streaming Platforms

360TV, possessed by Qihoo 360, provides druggies with links to popular Chinese series on other websites. druggies can keep changing the links until they find the point they believe provides the stylish viewing experience. 360TV is available on Android and iPhone. Likewise, LeTV is a popular Beijing- grounded streaming platform that fairly streams Chinese series, making it an ideal choice for observers interested in exploring series. LeTV aqueducts series across stripes like a romantic drama, war drama, costume drama, among others.

QQ television Channel is another streaming platform for Chinese series, which streams full occurrences of series online. QQ television Channel is supported on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. Sohu Video Channel, another China- grounded videotape streaming platform which streams the rearmost Chinese television series in HD and produces its videotape contents, given the fiscal strength, one of China’s largest Internet gate.

Videotape- on- Demand

Kankan television is a videotape- on- demand point that streams Chinese series and other videotape content in high- description. druggies from anywhere around the world can stream the series. It has a landmass China TV channel where the druggies can watch Chinese series for free. also, PPTV offers television series and other videotape content on a videotape- on- demand base and is recommended for observers interested in Chinese series for its well- designed stoner interface, vast coffers, and fast speed. It can be penetrated on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS from anywhere in theworld. is a videotape streaming platform simply for Chinese series and offers them in HD. piecemeal from fairly streaming copyrighted videotape content, IQiyi also produces videotape content, including dramatizations feeding to youngish observers, and is one of the most popular and largest Chinese drama websites.

Tudou, a website for videotape sharing aqueducts television series, shows from China and other regions. Since Youku has acquired Tudou, the two would partake the same set of series available for streaming. druggies of Tudou can download the series from its mobile app.

The contents of certain websites can not be streamed from other places due to brand issues. Using a VPN can help bypass IP discovery. thus, the only hassle for observers of the Chinese series only have to choose the right platform, including Chinese drama, before watching the Chinese series.

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