We Need To Elect Public Leaders Willing To Fight For Us

Wouldn’t it be nice, if, those individuals, we elect, to serve and represent us, and our nation’s, actual, best interest, actually, were ready, willing, and able, to FIGHT for, both, our, and America’s best interests? Instead of, the same – old, same – old, approach, of public officials, elected ones, and politicians, to, merely, articulate empty rhetoric, and making promises, we need people, who are willing to do, the right – thing, and what’s best, we need leaders, who are serving us, instead of any personal/ political agenda, self – interest, or playing, populist – politics! Although, this behavior, is, certainly, nothing – new, it has reached a point, where it, often, seems, too many serve themselves, instead of us, refuse to take well – considered, timely action, and evaluate everything, in terms of political ramifications, when we need, relevant, sustainable leadership, which introduces ideas, strategic and action plans, which make a difference, for the better! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, why it matters.

1. Face facts; faithful; future; flourish, fruition; fate: Great leaders must face the facts, instead of wasting time and effort, in – denial! They must, clearly, demonstrate, they are, consistently, faithful, to their responsibilities, and duties, and consider the future impacts, of, either taking, or avoiding, any action! Instead of pretending, whatever happens, depends upon, fate, they maintain their commitment, and efforts, until their plan, is taken to fruition, and the nation benefits, and flourishes, from their leadership!

2. Integrity; insights; inspire; innovate; imagine: To make a difference, for the better, a leader must maintain absolute integrity, and introduce insights, which inspire others, to follow! He must proceed, with an open – mind, and innovate, when necessary, and be able to imagine, the finest, path – forward, and the viable options, and alternatives!

3. Growth; generate goodwill; greater good: Life evolves, and society must, also, if we are to, benefit, and serve, both, present, and future generations! Hopefully, they can generate goodwill, and serve the greater good, in a meaningful manner!

4. Healing; humane; head/ heart: We have witnessed, far – too – much, polarization, and create a healing environment! He should use, the finest aspects, of, both, his logical and emotional components, with a, head/ heart balance!

5. Truth/ trust; timely; time – tested; together; trends: Trust must be earned, by consistently, telling the truth, as well as perceived, as doing so! Only, if/ when, we elect people, who proceed, with well – considered, timely action, as well as taking advantage of time – tested concepts and principles, with a willingness to consider current trends (which are applicable), will they bring people together, for the common good, and create a necessary, meeting – of – the – minds!

Wake up, America, and vote for people, who will FIGHT for you, and what’s best, instead of playing, politics – as – usual! Time is, of – the – essence.

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