What You Need To Know About The Unique Thai Series

Thailand is one of the best places to visit during holidays since it presents a unique combination of delicious food, attractive beaches, and friendly people. Apart from that, the Thai film industry is also quite popular, and it has been able to attract many people into watching their famous series and dramas. These are available in various genres and have been able to keep the audience hooked to their screens with their amazing stories. These shows have many international viewers as well. The Thai series has been able to meet the demands of many viewers, and hence they support all of their viewers. There are many distinctive features for each of the series and hence the number of people who watch these shows keep on increasing every time. These shows have been able to receive the love of people worldwide, and hence the Thai film industry has become quite successful due to their uniqueness.

Characteristics of Thai Series

The series have been designed for about three months, and nearly two to three episodes are telecast in a week. In a prime-time drama, an episode runs for about two hours, including the advertisements, and in the case of regular dramas, they are showcased for either an hour or about thirty minutes. When it is broadcasted internationally, it is displayed for about 45 minutes. There are different time slots assigned to each of the shows. Nearly three dramas are shown at once in different timeslots. Hence, users can watch it according to their convenience and watch different stories in non-overlapping time slots.

Moreover, these series are becoming quite popular in international countries due to their cultural impact. Most of these series are based on the stories of two people who would finally fall in love towards the end of the series. Hence the users are very eager to complete the entire series and watch the climax of the thrilling series.

Top Thai series to watch

Full house

This is a popular series that was released in 2014. The movie revolves around the story of a writer who faces a hard time in her life. While she attempts to regain all the possessions, she enters into a marriage on a contractual basis with Mike. Their relationship takes a unique mode as they start to develop feelings towards one another. It will be quite interesting to see how the story unwinds further!


It is one of the award-winning series that revolves around students who experience their highs and lows in life. Various controversial issues like relationships, family life have been perfectly portrayed through this series.

The Crown Princess

This series portrays the life of a princess who encounters danger after her crowning ceremony. To ensure her safety, she is relocated to Thailand. She is even provided a personal assistant who is a commander to advance the security. It will be quite interesting to see how the story reveals the further chapters of her secret life.

The Judgement

It is a popular series that presents the traumatic experience that college students often face. The girl gets included in a scandal and the gossip that is associated with the scandal. Now she actively engages in changing the toxic nature of the school. So it is quite an interesting story that is airing on Netflix as well.


It was released in 2020 and revolved around the story of two boys who are quite popular in their college. The two of them try to fake a relationship to chase a boy who does not reciprocate feelings. Soon their relationship gets a real turn, and does not intend to pretend as they did earlier.
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