Which Party Is Actually The Big Spenders?

After, decades of involvement, working on several, political campaigns, perhaps, the most frustrating, aspect, is the huge difference between reality and voter perceptions! Why do so many perceive of, one candidate, as strong, and for – them, when the individual lacks any significant degree of integrity, nor truly, cares about them, but only his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Often, we witness, supporters of one political party, accuse the other, of being, fiscally – irresponsible, while the facts, indicate, that, often, is not the case! For example, the Republican Party, often, touts – itself, as the more economically/ fiscally, conservative one, and accuses the Democrats, of being, irresponsible, big – spenders! However, once again, an analysis of spending, under Presidents, from both parties, in the last 45 years, shows a far – different, reality! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 examples of this, and why, voters need to start, paying more attention, before it’s too late.

1. Reagan, Bush, Trump, versus, Carter, Clinton, Obama: Few remember, the only President, in recent memory, who called for zero – based, budgeting, to ensure, we received, more bang – for – the – buck, was the much – maligned, Jimmy Carter! Ronald Reagan, the apparent – hero, of many in the Grand Old Party, based his economic policy, on so – called, Trickle – Down theories, which state, when the wealthy benefit, they will invest more, and everyone benefits. An analysis of the impacts of that perspective, however, indicates, a far – larger, disparity, between the haves – and – have – nots, than we witnessed, in our lifetimes! Few remember, after Reagan’s tax legislation, shortly later, a tax on Social Security benefits, became the law of our land! While, Carter attempted to narrow the deficit, Reagan expanded it! The only President, who, actually, left a surplus, when he left office, was Bill Clinton, and, then, the deficit, grew, under the leadership of George Bush! Obama narrowed the deficit, slightly, but, under Donald Trump, our deficit grew, by the largest amount, ever! His supporters state, this was because of the pandemic, but, seem to conveniently, ignore, his so – called, tax reform legislation, passed in 2017, touted as helping the middle class, actually, prioritized the wealthiest Americans and corporations, instead, and created, by itself, an additional trillion dollars, of deficit! Isn’t it, the height – of – hypocrisy, for Republican Congressional representatives (Senate and House), to fight Biden’s economic plans, aimed at growth, and a fairer, tax system (i.e. the rich paying their fair – share), and calling the Democrats, wasteful spenders?

2. The hypocrisy about deficits and deficit spending: When, Republicans articulate a message, stating they are the economically, responsible ones, and the other party, are free – spenders, and, now, defend their opposition, based on supposed – concerns, about the impact on the deficit, when they supported a policy of irresponsible, policies, which prioritized, the wealthiest, isn’t that, about, as – hypocritical, as one, can possibly be?

3. Long – term ramifications of Trickle – Down: To this day, many continue, claiming, Reagan is their hero, because of his approach and leadership! However, studies about the impacts of Trickle – Down Economics, consistently, demonstrate, it doesn’t work, and harms, all, but the wealthiest!

4. Costs of procrastination, regarding: Environment; Climate; Infrastructure; Education; a fairer – tax system; etc: When, we need proactive, well – considered, strategic and action plans, in many urgent areas, such as protecting the Environment (clean air and water), addressing Climate Change, planning for infrastructure improvements, ensuring educational opportunities (for all qualified), and a fairer – tax system, many simply, continue procrastination! If, we don’t begin, to address these urgent issues, sooner, rather than later, this nation, its citizens, and the planet, as well as the health and well – being, of present and future generations, is, at – risk!

As they said, in the movie, Network: I’m sick and tired of being, sick and tired, and not going to take it anymore! Are you ready to demand better, and more, and refuse to accept, the same – old, same – old, empty promises and rhetoric.

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