Without Equal JUSTICE, Won’t US Lose Its Way?

For a nation, founded, based on certain Constitutional guarantees, including the Bill of Rights, and the essential commitment, All men are considered equal, and With liberty and justice, for all, shouldn’t we concerned by recent events, etc, indicating these concepts are, at – best, being, only, selectively, applied, and the number of hate – crimes, within this nation, at, or, near, record – highs? If we don’t demand, equal JUSTICE, for all, and significantly, reduce, the hate – filled, polarizing, rhetoric, and vitriol, sooner, rather than later, the future of our system of a democratic republic, based on guaranteed rights, and freedoms, is, at – risk, not only, today, but into the future. Our democratic – based, way – of – life, will end – up, becoming a failed – experiment! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Just; judges/ justices; join/ joint: Unless/ until, justice is, truly., just, and fair, rather than being, one – system, for the wealthiest, and another, for the less – well – odd, the United States, will, no longer, be able to represent itself, as special, unique, and a system, for the rest of the world, to seek! Recent appointments, as Judges, and Supreme Court Justices, instead of emphasizing, finding, the best, fairest individuals, appears to be, based on partisan/ political agendas, and/ or, self – interests! When citizens, consistently, join together, for the greater good, and act, together, jointly, in the best interests of democratic principles, we all, benefit, in the longer – run!

2. Unify: Instead of dividing, and polarizing, we need to begin, focusing on, and emphasizing, the best way, to unify, for the common good, and creating a meaningful, fairer, meeting – of – the – minds!

3. Stronger/ strengths; system; solutions; sustainable: We need to use the strengths of the system, our Founding Fathers, fought – for, and created, to make us stronger, and better, and provide the most viable, and sustainable solutions, into the future, based on providing a fairer system, of, real opportunities, and equal justice, rights, and freedoms!

4. Trust/ truth: Only, when we demand, our politicians, and public officials, consistently, tell the truth, will we begin to trust them, and follow a righteous, course of action, going, forward!

5. Ideas; ideology; involve: Wouldn’t it be better, if our present and future ideas, were, based on aligning with the finest aspects, of the ideology, and principles, of the American Founding Fathers? If, more individuals, were involved, and perceived, a more – just, nation, we would all benefit!

6. Character; coordinate: Before we vote for anyone, wouldn’t it make sense, to closely, examine the individual’s quality of character, instead of, merely, campaign – oriented, empty/ populist rhetoric, and promises? Only then, will the elected individual, have a real mandate, to coordinate all of us, towards a common sense, goal, and preserving our rights and freedoms, etc!

7. Empathy; emphasis; equal: Instead of electing individuals, with a My Way or the Highway, attitude, and mentality, we need people, who proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, and place their primary emphasis, accordingly! Unless, justice is fair and equal, it cannot be considered, just!

Wake up, America, because, we owe it, to future generations, to leave them, a nation, based on fair, and equal, JUSTICE, based on rights and freedoms! Each of us, can either be, part of the problem, or the solution.

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